Patricia Rockwood
Works on Paper
 The beauty, diversity, and capriciousness of the natural world is where I found solace in my early life and later, where I found the first inspirations for my artwork, which echoes organic forms. One of my first loves was drawing, and to my current pen and ink artworks,  I add the brilliant colors of watercolor to bring the soul and attraction of plant forms to life.  While I admire the technical prowess apparent in traditional botanical illustration, I believe that the powerful beauty and appeal of flowers lies not simply in their form or color, but in some ineffable feeling that can’t be expressed with contained shapes. So my ink drawings of various plants and flowers, enhanced with color “outside the lines,” explore the essential mysticism of the flower in abstractions echoing the compelling, mysterious galaxies and nebulae that fascinate all of us  — and thereby make a connection with the heart of the viewer.

 The natural world also provides avenues of exploration for my primary body of work: mosaics. Plants and flowers, fish and ocean waves, birds and faces — it seems that any species or object, from rock to wren, can contribute to wonder and creativity. A lifelong study of mythology informs my mosaics, as does a fascination with the planes and expressions of the human face.
Working in mosaics interests me because it combines the form and texture of sculpture with the brilliant colors of paint. Within the mosaic artform, I explore the patterns, color pathways, and textures available in glass, tile, and stone. There is a unique relationship between fantasy and substantiality in this surprisingly malleable medium: Vision joins with a liquid turned solid to turn out an altogether new object. Whether stained glass, ceramic tile, stone, or found object, the medium asserts itself in each individual work of art. Choosing and assembling the pieces becomes a type of meditation on the intuitiveness of creation.
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